An overview about HTC's go-to-market strategy - its not only about partnering

Partnering is an important issue for HTC to drive growth and market-share - but HTC's go-to-market-strategy is not just about partnering.

Not so much noticed (at least in Europe), HTC has been building an impressive number of 630 own HTC-branded retail-outlets showcasing and selling its products. HTC has already been aggresively pushing this network across locations in the US and Asia (including - besides China - e.g. Vietnam).


Recently, it has opened its first outlet on the European continent in Copenhagen/Denmark. But there is more to come: HTC plans to triple its sales-network to 2.000 locations until end of 2011.

HTC's branded retail outlet in Ho Chi Minh City
HTC's branded retail outlet in Ho Chi Minh City


In today's dynamic times, relying on one (distribution-)strategy alone is not enough. By pursuing a direct and an indirect distribution-strategy, HTC is preparing for different market-scenarios that could evolve in the Digital Arena. On the one hand, strong ties with telecoms-operators allow for a massive sales-push today and in the future. On the other hand, driving its own brand into the end-consumer market with own shops helps HTC to establish itself as a branded consumer product and strengthens its direct distribution activities as well as fosters being an attractive partner for distributors like Telcos, retail-chains and eCommerce players.

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