DSP-Analysis: The Power of Social Medial with examples from Youtube and Kickstarter

Recently, two very distinctive, yet different projects - one on Kickstarter, one on Youtube - proved the power and quick ramp-up of reach on social media.


One is a private good-bye-video of a Microsoft product manager leaving for a start-up on YouTube (see it here). The other is the crowdsourcing-project "Pebble E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android".


Both achieved spectacular growth within a short time.

  • Karen X Cheng got her video boosted from only 400 views to more than 116.000 views on YouTube within 2 days

  • The Pebble Watch managed to secure an additional 3.2 USD m in funding within a week - total funding currently is 5.7 USD m (btw they asked for only 100k USD) 
The power of social
The power of social


Amplified by web & mobile and through a combination of blogs, social media and traditional media (also German magazine "Der Spiegel" caught up on the Kickstarter project after it travelled the internet) great ideas can spread faster and bigger than ever - and people are hungry for great ideas, very hungry!

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