DSP-Partners' take on the German telecommunications market: M&A to the Power of 2

An overview of the German Telecommunications market under the planned mergers between Kabel Deutschland&vodafone and O2&ePlus.

The planned Mergers on the German telecommunications market will significantly alter the competitive landscape.

  • The combination of Vodafone and Kabel Deutschland will create a strong number 2 player on the German market in fixed line broadband

  • Together, Vodafone and Kabel Deutschland can claim market leadership in the TV-business

  • The planned merger of O2 Telefonica and ePlus will create a strong number one on the German mobile market

  • Due to its size, Telekom Deutschland can defend the number one position in terms of revenues and on the fixed line broadband market

DSP-Partners has analyzed the effects of these mergers across the product portfolios of the respective players and condensed the finding into a report and a PDP-presentation that can be downloaded below.

PDF-Presentation [english]

2013_11 M&A on the German Telco-Market -
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.0 MB

PDF-Presentation [German]

2013_11 M&A hoch 2 I Telekommunikation D
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.0 MB

Report as PDF [German]

2013_11_18 Konsolidierung im Deutschen T
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.5 MB
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