How Moore's law and increasing bandwidth drives the adoption of cloud-services

Cloud-services are fundamentally changing the IT-Landscape. This trend is fueled by increasing (mobile) bandwidth and more powerful handheld devices.

Cloud-business - driven by Moore's law and increasing bandwidth
Cloud-business - driven by Moore's law and increasing bandwidth

The dynamics in cloud-business is driven on three layers

  • Cloud and Server-side
  • Connection (fix/mobile)
  • Mobile Device/Client

A key ingredient of the increased importance of cloud-applications lies on the connection-side: with growing bandwidth for mobile and fixedline customers and decreasing latency it becomes more viable to transfer data between the device and the cloud.


Currently, one of the key trends is, that data-storage is increasingly being shifted from the device to the cloud.


Examples of this trend are

  • spotify (music streaming vs. music locally stored on the device)
  • google maps (location data is downloaded on demand vs being stored on the device like in personal navigation devices)
  • Dropbox (all files are stored in the cloud)
  • Netflix (movies are rather streamed than being stored on the device)
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