A DSP-Partners analyses: How Newspapers and Magazines are Tweeting (Facts & Figure)

DSP-Partners has conducted a study on the use of Twitter in major newspapers, weekly magazines and blogs in the US, the UK and Germany.

The following 19 publications were analysed

And the following data was gathered

  • Number of followers of the publication on Twitter
  • Number of people being follwed by the publication on Twitter
  • At least Top 5 Journalists of each publication with their Twitter followership and the Twitter-accounts they are following
  • Number of Tweets of the respective Journalists and publications
  • Identification of Editors-in-Chief per publication

In total, 151 Journalists of the respective publications were identified and their Twitter-activities analyzed.


The following results were compiled

  • League-table of publications with most Twitter followers
  • Ranking of publications by number of Tweets
  • Ratio of Twitter Followers/Following per publication
  • Ranking of Top 10 Journalists by number of Twitter-followers
  • Ranges of number of Tweets per Journalist
  • Are the Editors-in-Chief the publications' top Tweeters?

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