Too Busy to visit 2016 Websummit in Lisbon?

Enterprise Edition - DSP-Partners will be there for you!

In preparation for Websummit 2016, DSP-Partners will provide you with the Database of all Start-ups exhibiting at Websummit 2016 in Lisbon and propose 5 interesting new ventures that could fit with your Corporate Strategy: VC-Investment, Cooperation, M&A etc.


In a Phone-Call we will discuss these and agree on a list of 5 Start-ups and a set of discussion-points that DSP-Partners will raise when visiting their booths at Websummit. DSP-Partners can openly name your company or act as an intermediary without mentioning you as a client.


After Websummit, DSP-Partners will provide a brief of all Companies visited and recommend steps for follow-up.


In addition to the items from the Corporate Edition, DSP-Partners will cover additional Topics from Websummit for you - be it with regard to preparing your visit, the visit itself or conclusions from Websummit 2016.

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