Consulting topics

Every company is unique and DSP-Partners develops individual consulting solutions for its clients, so there are no 'standard' procedures.


Still, based on our experience in Digital Strategies, we see a number of topics that many industries experience - here are some examples

  • How can we achieve growth with Digital Services? Which strategy to choose?

  • What opportunities and threats exist for us in these Digital Times?

  • What are the consumer needs with regard to Digital Services in our industry?

  • How does the Digital Services landscape, market and competition in our particular industry look like? What other neighbouring industries have to be considered?

  • How should our future product portfolio in Digital Services look like? Which products are missing in our portfolio?

  • How do the different Digital Services have to be linked functionally and marketwise from a customer perspective?

  • How do we steer a connected Digital Services portfolio from an organizational, management, process and day-to-day operations perspective?

  • How do we find the right mix of make-buy-cooperate? Whom should we cooperate with?

  • How do we have to transform our value-chain (marketing/sales, product development, operations, procurement, management processes) in order to be successful in Digital Services?

  • Which mindset- and cultural-changes are necessary to be successful in Digital Times?

  • How do we operationally implement Digital Services strategies with regard to new product development, sales and marketing,...?
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