Our philosophy

Digital is (a bit) different!


In Digital Times, things are changing and require new approaches.
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Some characteristics of Digital Times


  • A blurring market and competition landscape

  • Technology and products are becoming important to more and more businesses

  • Convergence occuring across many dimensions

  • Strong customer and technology orientation required

  • Today's top companies and products may quickly become incumbents

  • Highly dynamic product and marketing landscape

  • Strategy and operations are closely linked


In order to successfully develop projects and strategies in such an environment, DSP has three basic beliefs that guide our own work and also the project-work we do for our clients


  1. Being customer and technology driven

  2. Developing a deep understanding of markets, competition and technologies

  3. Building a shared view and common understanding on strategy and implemenation across the company through intense communication


Bringing and keeping the people on board across all hierarchies is an important part of our work - we work closely with our client's people and coach them in order to develop solutions that are taylored to the individual organization's assets, capabilities and market position.


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